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Nothing but a Mask

There once was a lonely man, and that lonely man soon found that he had nothing nothing more to lose, but everything to gain. Why don't you humor him a little?

(Independent OC blog, though you will mostly find Duo here. Unless someone else is mentioned, Duo will be answering your questions.)

(M!A: None.)

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It chases down prey in a pack. It will never disobey the commands of a skilled Trainer.

(I definitely see it, considering how loyal he is to people he sees fit.)


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If it is not too much to ask,

Can I ask for people to pray for my Mother?

I’m scared. I’m very scared of what might happen to her. She’s unwell, and she’s only getting worse. My family is stressed. I’m stressed.

Please pray for us, if you can. I want her to be okay.

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Send me a ∯ and I’ll tell you about one of my muse’s scars or tattoos

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Reblog if you want your followers to put the Pokémon they think Best Represents you into your ask box.image

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Send me a ✿ and my muse will react to your muse putting a flower in their hair

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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

"Shh I’m gonna try and get that for you"is the single best description for my relationship with my OC ever

Anonymous sent:

all the symbols

❤ - win my muse’s heart

While Duo was never too picky with looks and all, he was very strict with personality. As Tav is, he’d always wanted a stronger gal who could still be sweet and all.

♡ - make my muse melt

Cute animals. Strawberries. Either of those will make him like putty in your hands.

❦ - instantly turn my muse on

Duo doesn’t like to admit he’s into being dominated, though a random greyface will be far from able to complete this task.

✯ - make my muse cry

It takes little more than mentioning the boy’s mother repeatedly to break him down into tears.

ツ - make my muse laugh/smile

Duo doesn’t seem to laugh much, though it’s typically more from a cute action than it is from a joke or the sort. As for making him smile, any act of kindness is sure to bring even the faintest of grins to his face.

☓ - guilt trip my muse

Blame him for killing his mother. It’s cruel, I know, but it’ll trip him into submission.

⁇ - get any information you want out of my muse

This one is simple; Threaten Duo’s family and he’ll tell you anything you want within reason.

✎ - negotiate with my muse

Typically it just involves giving him something he wants, which is rarely much. His girlfriend has negotiated many times simply by offering him strawberry things.

☠ - hurt my muse

Physically hurting the daemon is quite easy; a well-placed tripwire across the top of the stairs will do nicely. However, emotional pain has started to become harder to initiate. Duo has steeled himself up, become afraid to let things hurt him.

☤ - kill my muse

Killing Duo is an easy feat, should you break past his defenses. A daemon in human form has no less of a weakness to a blade in the heart than any other being.