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Land of Dreams
There are many of us here, many you cannot see.
What if you could?
What if we had the ability to communicate?

(This is an independent OC blog, there are many of us here.)

(M!A: None.)
Duotone Phantoms Duo's Pokemon


pros of werewolf boyfriend:

  • happy with any present as long as its chewable
  • very very excited to see you after any period of time apart
  • will lie in your bed and keep you warm whenever you take a nap
  • growls at jerks, may eat them

cons of werewolf boyfriend:

  • absolutely nothing
send me a ◙ with a character and my muse and i’ll tell you if i ship it or COULD ship it

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shadowsandinsanity sent:

"I'm fine and on a side note is that a tail?"

"Yes, I got it… In a spell…? From a magical Greyface…?"

shadowsandinsanity sent:

"Hey Duo how have you been?"

"A-Ah..?" The daemon hugs his new tail, trying to muster up some words for the sudden greeting. "I do believe I’m well… As for you?"

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                       Don’t forget

                        who I was

                     before I turned

                            into a

                      m o n s t e r

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Put “Is this you?” in my askbox and my character will respond to yours finding an old picture of them!


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M!A: Both Duo and Bro are in heat for 2 weeks.


First character to put a collar in my inbox owns mine as a pet.



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Anonymous sent:

M!A: You have a long fluffy wolf tail that goes to your ankles.

He immediately hugs the tail, purring quietly at the soft fur. “Th-thank you…!”