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Nothing but a Mask

There once was a lonely man, and that lonely man soon found that he had nothing nothing more to lose, but everything to gain. Why don't you humor him a little?

(Independent OC blog, though you will mostly find Duo here. Unless someone else is mentioned, Duo will be answering your questions.)

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~ August  ORAS Shiny Pokemon giveaway~ 

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As Pokemon OR/AS is drawing ever closer I’ve decided to do a themed giveaway for this month. Up for grabs you have these shiny pokemon, all with either 5 or 6 perfect IVs.

~ Rules for Entering~

✿There will be two winners, each get to pick between two legendaries and two other shiny pokemon. 

✿Reblogging and liking counts as an entry. You do not have to be following me to enter. However, feel free to follow if you would like participate in future giveaways and check out my regular Pokemon and other gaming related posts.

One reblog per person so it’s fair for everyone. 

✿You’ll need a working 3DS/2DS, Pokemon X or Y, and an internet connection to receive your Pokemon. 

PLEASE make sure that your ask box is open so I can contact you. If I am unable to contact the winner then an alternative will be chosen. The winner will be selected at random on the 25th September

✿The winners will have a maximum of one week after being drawn to claim their shiny Pokemon. 

Good luck to everyone and thanks for taking part! 

Hurt rp Starters
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! You don't want to get even more hurt, do you?"
"Tell me where it hurts."
"Whoa, that's purple... It looks like your shoulder is dislocated."
"Oh my god. Are you okay?"
"You're bleeding... You're bleeding bad..."
"This is gonna hurt..."
"Holy crap! I may not know much about human anatomy, but legs don't bend that way!"
"It's all swollen up..."
"You have a black eye. Where you fighting with someone?"
"Okay... Okay, hospital. Hospital, now."
"I think you have a concussion."
"Calm down! Calm down! Your ankle is sprained, okay?"
"Here, lean on me."
"I'm gonna need more bandaids..."
"What the hell happened to you!?"
"Here, I need to clean you up. This might sting a bit..."
"We need to get the bullet out..."
"Oh my god, you've been shot!"
"Did... did you get beat up!?"
"Just hold on. You're gonna be fine..."
"Look out for that car!"
"Wake up! Oh god, please wake up!"
"You're alive! Oh, thank god!"
"I'm no doctor, but you should have that looked at. It's bleeding a lot..."
"What is that? Are there bandages under your shirt?"
"Why is your arm wrapped up like that? And are those blood stains!?"
"You must have hit the back of your head really hard."
"Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?"
What kind of “charactershaming” sign would you hang around my muse’s neck?



Upon touching my Muse, yours is suddenly thrown into one of Mine’s Tragic and Painful Memories, Send “Memories of Sorrow” to see a painful and tragic memory of My Muse..

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Send me some numbers, and I will tell you:

  1. What does their bedroom look like?
  2. Do they have any daily rituals?
  3. Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often?
  4. What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy?
  5. Cleanliness habits…

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Hi! I’m Ursus #44850, an artist on flight rising. Recently I passed 50 followers here so I’m doing a very late giveaway.

The winner will be chosen at random, and the prize will be a free dragon portrait (which would usually cost 200,000 treasure). Simple enough!

  • you do not have to be following me
  • reblog this post with your flight rising username and ID
  • I will draw any flight rising dragon (plus apparel and complex skins and accents) only.
  • winners will be chosen 26/8/14
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission that I feel uncomfortable with
  • good luck!

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So I have recently reached 400 followers so I figured it was about time to do something for all of you odd little things watching this blog despite the laziness on it! So, why not do a follow forever? This is a list of people who I will always, always, ALWAYS follow no matter the situation. Some of these people I have been lucky enough to get to know through talking outside of Tumblr, and I want to give a particular shout out to those who find the time of day to talk to me. You’re all fantastic; I adore each of you and hope that you continue to stay with me here. So, let’s get to it!

First of all, there are the people who I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with outside of the roleplaying community. These are the guys I’ll soam with messages, texts, and some of them I’ve even Skyped because hey, they’re pretty rad.  I would 1000% recommend following these guys. They are probably the sweetest things ever.

asktheblackwolf frostshadowsblood tsarlunarmimmy have-an-old-friend-for-dinner/ happy-go-ugly sinandtransgression psychoticgaara face-the-killer ask-red-rhymer themagicalmusesofme deviloutofhell ariestwotails councilmanfourteen creatorof-paradise thegreatredpyramidthing

And these guys are the ones who I seriously admire and absolutely love their writing, their blogs, and their overall presence over here in my little cove of isolation. Stay awesome, you wonderful beings.

jadedxdamagedx imxburning i-dont-think-im-crazy thenewsuicideblonde abscess-of-aperture asklaughingjjack heathermasxn sxnctorum agodreborn i-am-my-own-backup bloodyrednurse jefferythe-killer mynewnameisnumber7 saintofthesilenthill shouldhavebeentheone carnifexx lisagarlandposts demonontheinside xuncorrupted heatherinthemist ask-thehooded ask-cleverboy thenameaintsullivan askthewhitewolf blindedbyconviction asksiam feardoesntneedaface askthefuzzyfox acasualkiller childofthemarker sanctirubrumdeus thefemalepyramidhead ask-travis-grady annie-the-human askstanleycolemansh3 ask-rouge-the-proxy  

If you weren’t mentioned in this post, don’t you fret! It only means that either we need to talk about 800% more or we haven’t interacted at all, so don’t be shy! I’m grateful for every single one of you who stays. You have my sincere thanks<3


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"If you remember that… Curse… That happened a while back, I’m sorry I managed to spark that then,"

"It’s ok Duo." Crimson grabs Duo’s shoulder and squeezes "But I swear if you do that again…" He shakes his head

Duo only lowers his head, nodding understandingly. In his mind, such threat of the curse arising once more was improbable. The madness had left him after all this time. That is what he wished to believe.

shadowsandinsanity sent:


"If you remember that… Curse… That happened a while back, I’m sorry I managed to spark that then,"